Licensed by the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) as a Merchant banker, ARKS Capital advisors provide customized wealth management services to individuals and institutions across Nepal.

ARKS gather resources from its highly experienced and diverse investment managers to create long or short term strategies derived via extensive market research and analysis.

We realize that the stock market in Nepal is at a nascent stage where investor perception is relatively varied. Thus, it would be quite orthodox to rely “only” on standard fundamental and technical tools. The firm believes that capital market investors and traders must take into account ongoing market trends and be able to capitalize on all market movements. Keeping this “philosophy” in mind ARKS utilize tools customized primarily for the Nepali market to identify trends that let portfolio managers perform optimally.

Company History

Our Directors


Ayush Nepal is an MBA graduate from Regis University in Colorado, USA, with over 12 years of work experience in the field of financial management. He started his career in Denver, Colorado working for Sectorquant Capital Market and The Bornhoft Group. He then moved to Nepal and worked as an equity analyst for Beed Invest Ltd. before Co-founding ARKS Capital Ltd.

Ayush also serves on the board of Koshi Gas Udhyog, Janaki Gas Udhyog, Shree Ram Gas Udhyog, and Noble Gas Udhyog Pvt ltd.


Shivanth Raj Panday is a MBA graduate from ACE Institute of Management in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has worked in the investment management sector for over 10 years starting his career with Beed Invest as an equity analyst.

As a Co-founder and managing director, he believes that optimal performance in fund management requires hands on involvement in all portfolios managed by the firm; is therefore directly on top of all decision making process done by fund managers at ARKS.

Shivanth is also associated with Kathmandu Medical College Ltd (K.M.C) as a Board of Director. In addition to this, he is also serving as a board member of Tara Healthcare Private Ltd.