Prudent and Reliable

Our portfolio management advisory services is successfully operated by highly experienced investment advisors. Our modern approach to investment management will not only give you the benefits of better investment choices, but also the reliability and expertise that is sought by any individual/firm when investing in a new portfolio or handing over an existing one.

Transparent and Personalized

All shares will be bought and sold in “the client’s name" and the money deposited in “the client’s escrow bank account" opened with ARKS. The time horizon for the contract can be decided as per the client's investment goals. Hence, the contract period is at full discretion of client given which ARKS shall design the portfolio as per the objective of the client's investment.

Assistance and Advisory

Our investment managers will not only give you complete management of your portfolio, but also advisory services based on the overall situation of the capital market in Nepal and update you with newer opportunities and investment options.